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Plateena Rope Slings

Feather like Rope with the Strength of Steel.

Lifting slings made from Plateena rope. Plateena is manufactured from Dyneema - the world’s strongest Fibre yarn with a very high breaking strength to weight ratio which means a light weight sling can lift a very heavy load. For example a 12mm dia rope has a weight of 9.3 kg per 100 meters and a Breaking strength of 13.8tons


High strength & low weight

High abrasion resistance

Low elongation at break comparable to steel wire rope

Floats on water

Excellent chemical and UV resistant


High strength to weight ratio makes handling of the lifting slings light in weight, therefore, easy and convenient to handle.

Greater durability than any other synthetic rope.

High safety

Low snap back

Does not damage equipment or surface of the job.


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