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hydraulic SLIM LIFTS


The SLIM LIFT is the name given to our ergonomic scissor lift designed to enable efficient working, reducing stress and fatigue caused by repeated bending. It is perfect answer to handle heavy loads at working heights and can also be used as a work positioner.

It is easy to install and it can be placed directly on the floor NO PIT REQUIRED. If a pit is required, it can be made so shallow – only 90mm deep – thus leaving structural elements intact. SLIM LIFT, hydraulic lifting table is the perfect solution for efficient lifting, lowering and positioning on intermediate, suspended or mezzanine floors, they take the backache and strain out of bending & lifting

slim Lift gallery
application 1 (1)
application 1 (2)
application 1 (3)
Slim Lift
application 2 (1)
application 2 (2)
application 2 (3)
Slim lift with E -Table DSCN3752
Slim Lift with E Table ( Raised Position) DSCN3749
Slim Lift with Rectangular Full Top DSC00027
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