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Electric crane with fix mast and double electric boom 1000 kg capacity

The electric counterbalanced crane FLEX F1000DB is a power driven counterbalanced crane with rigid armand a max. lifting capacity of 1.000 kg. It is equipped with an electric controlled double telescopic jib armthat make it possible to get 2500 mm overhang. It is equipped with a pivoting drive wheel that offers anexceptional steering angle and two fixed front elastic wheels. The lifting, descent, extend and retract areelectric powered and their speed can be adjusted by the operator. The integrated ballast design make itpossible to lift a load without installing lateraloutriggers. Therefore it is a universal mobile crane forunlimited applications and immediately ready for use. Our lifting equipment Flex F1000DB is ideal forplacements of molds and various loads over barrier, on 3D machines, lathes, narrow openings, assemblylines and over perimeter protections. Equipped with 2 control levers or remote controlthat make it possible to activate the upward/downward motion of the jib arm as well as the extensionand retraction with progressive speed. Handling and lifting of loads in full compliance with current healthand safety regulations. The hydraulic system is equipped with a block valve that prevents the load fromfalling in case of accidental tube breakage. The pump is equipped with a relief valve that prevents the machine from being overloaded.

An optional on/off front light is now available for Flex F1000DBL and Flex F1000DBR. The ideal accessory to ensure greater safety and visibility in low light environments.

load chart mobile lifter crane with double telescopic boom Flex F1000DB
Flex F1000DB mobile counterbalanced lifter with 1.000 kg capacity (1)
electric powered crane Flex F1000DB with telescopic boom capacity 1 ton
dimensions motorised crane Flex F1000DB
Flex F1000DB electro hydraulic lifting solution capacity 1000 kg
electro hydraulic mobile 1000 kg crane Flex F1000DB with double eletric boom
Flex F1000DBL electric powered mini crane capacity 1 ton with double telescopic boom (1)
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