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HYDRAULIc elevating dock

Fixed ramps take up large productive space & more money. It is economical and time saving to build warehouse and production facilities at ground level and use the Elevating Dock for loading & unloading thus saving space, cost & time. The elevating dock can be traversed by traffic in any direction and can thus be installed in the most convenient location, in doorways & storage areas. Elevating Dock quickly pays itself within a year of investment with the savings achieved by its economic operation and eliminating labour cost

Manufactured in accordance to EN 1570
Elevating dock gallery

FERRO TIGER Elevating Dock provides a simple and efficient solution for loading and unloading cargo. With a push of a button the difference between ground level and the truck is over come enabling smooth movement of cargo. Ramps which cause the cargo to slide of a pallet truck or fork  lift are eliminated. Thus breakage during loading & unloading process is completely eliminated.

Dynamic Technologies Limit Switch
Hi Build Flame Proof Hydraulic Power Pack
Dynamic Technologies Control Panel
Kali BMH 1T P2000x1200 Goods Lift
Kali BMH 1T P2000x1200 Goods Lift(2)
Hyundai 2T P2500x2000 Lorry Loading Unloading
Total LPG 1T P1500x2000 Loading Unloading of 500 KGs LPG Bullets with Manual Hand Pump _ Manual Lip
Navyung 3T P2500x2000
Navyung 3T P2500x2000(2)
Brakes India 1T P1400 x 1400
Dynamic Technologies 2T P2500 x 1500
Kali BMH 6T P4000x2000
Kali BMH 6T P4000x2000(2)
Kali BMH 6T P4000x2000(3)
Kali BMH 6T P4000x2000(4)
Kali BMH 6T P4000x2000(5)
Wipro 8T P4500x2200 Cargo Lift.jpg
Hi Build 2T P3000x2500 6 Meters Height Flame Proof Goods Lift
Dynamic Technologies 2T P2500 x 1500 with Manually operated Lip Board
Brakes India 1T P1400 x 1400 with Electro Hydraulic Lip
Brakes India 1T P1400 x 1400 with Motor integrated with Scissor
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