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Whatever be the type of your industry or material handling needs TACKLERS can provide the right solution through our wide product range or a customized product developed just for you, be it rigging, lifting or climbing. You will find our rigging products, lifting slings, ladders, scaffolds, scissor platforms working efficiently in automobile plants, engineering industries, process plants, infrastructure projects (construction, power, metro rail, shipyards, airports, steel plants, etc.) and in homes too. It may be noted, that this website illustrates on site,actual photos of products and projects executed. 

Over the last three decades we have exerted to maintain product quality by innovation and upgrading manufacturing facilities and capabilities to keep up with customer expectations and changing technology. We pride ourselves in being at the forefront in adopting the latest technological advances in rigging, lifting and climbing with the sole intention of maximizing the value delivered to the customer in terms of cost control, higher reliability, higher safety and improved productivity. Our extensive stocking ability allows us to deliver with minimum lead time. Safety is the most important criteria; to create industrial awareness TACKLERS has so far organized 29 Crosby Rigging, LEEA accredited Seminars conducted by professionals, to promote safety by training more than 550 certified personnel in safe lifting practices.

providing solutions

We provide appropriate solutions to various industry segments for lifting, shifting, and moving raw materials, in-process and finished goods. While recommending a lifting sling or a rigging product we take into consideration several aspects; the angle of lift, the center of gravity, the specific nature of load or job, the temperature, etc. Our wide product range and experience in a variety of applications allows us to recommend pertinent solutions. 

Whether it is Ferrotiger’s custom built parallelogram elevating dock of 27tons capacity with platform of 11meters x 1meter or Crosby’s unique Slide Loc revolutionizing eyebolt or Superlift Heavy Duty Round slings with Triple A plus anti-cutting sleeves for protection or Youngman’s modular BoSS scaffolding; we have a plethora of tried and tested specialized solutions to make every day lifting and climbing tasks, easy.  If you are facing a lifting, handling or reach up problem in your factory, do contact us, we are sure to have a solution.



TACKLERS was born in 1973, out of a passion to provide customers with durable and well-engineered lifting tools, tackles and appliances by Gulamabbas Karachiwala (GEK) as a Proprietary firm.

The name TACKLERS was chosen as it seemed an ideal description for the action of tackling a load or job with wire rope or chain. The name was copied by many, in the material handling industry in the absence of copyright protection. GEK participated in the family business, Esoofali Esmailji Karachiwala & Co. in Mumbai before he moved to Pune in 1967 to set up a manufacturing facility. His innovative and scientific approach gave him success in many challenging, research and development assignments for the armed forces and later in adopting engineering and mechanization to the poultry industry. This paved the way to start his own poultry farm at village Takave, in 1981. Today it is a well reputed poultry farm producing 3 to 4 lakh table eggs a day supported by an in-house feed mill of 100tons manufacturing capacity, for captive consumption. With  modern, scientific, well-engineered systems for bird housing, feeding & drinking; we are today one of the foremost poultry farms in India.  His sons Abizar and Fareed joined the poultry business, giving his dreams wings. For some time the activity in TACKLERS took a back seat with the diversification into poultry but this yielded its own advantage. His daughter Farah stepped in to nurture the business in 1993.  Just out of college, there was much to learn and grasp. The initial years were slow, more of learning and working on the factory shop floor. Teaching herself the business and gaining valuable experience took time. Today, more than 2decades of experience is her strong platform which gives her the confidence to continue "rising by lifting"!

( first export ) 2003 -
( Sealinkers & Zebra Channel Partnership  ) 2008 -
(Youngman Authorised Dealer n Distributor) 2011 -
( UMI Sub-dealership ) 2015 -
- 1996 ( Launched the ladder range )
- 2005 ( First import shipment )
- 2009 (  Crosby  Authorised Selling Agency )
- 2013 (  Ferrotiger Channel Partnership )
Crane lifting on construction site
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