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crosby authorised service center

crosby service center

Crosby clamps (Crosby IP) carry a 10 years warranty. This guarantee is linked to regular maintenance and the use of original parts. Periodic inspections, preventive maintenance service and one or, when necessary, two overhaul services are the only conditions to preserve the 10 years guarantee. The inspections will be carried out by a qualified officer authorized by the company. The maintenance and overhaul services should be carried out by a CrosbyIP accredited dealer. Our principal’s Sealinkers (P) Ltd. are recognized Authorised Service Center for Crosby IP clamps.

service & advice

CrosbyIP provides practical and reliable solutions for specific lifting problems. Our team of specialized sales managers are dispersed throughout the world. CrosbyIP has an intensive relationship with a carefully selected network of local authorized distributors which can provide you with professional advise regarding your specific lifting situation.


With our extensive offering on maintenance and overhaul sets you will never run out of parts when your CrosbyIP clamp needs to be repaired. Parts are available per piece, and as well in sets of respectively 5 and 10 pieces, depending of the type you are looking for.

Crosby has always been concerned that our users are knowledgeable with the installation, use, inspection and maintenance of our products. A Technical Support Team is also ready to answer any questions in regard to our products and services.
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