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Hand pallet truck is a simple device that enables floor transport of palletised goods. ​Formed & fabricated out of thick M.S Sheet (5mm for 3T capacity & 3.15mm for 2T capacity) sheet, heavy duty, formed steel, jig welded frame. All Forks are made from 5 mm thick MS sheet and double flanged pressed to give twin girder strength. All Fork lips are re enforced with 5mm plate to prevent lip damage on impact. The hydraulic pallet truck is very rigid, rugged and can take continuous heavy punishment in abusive Indian conditions. Total Weight of TIGER Pallet Truck is 110 Kg, against 78 Kg of our competitors.

Stainless Steel Hydraulic Pallet Truck
Tiger 2000 Hydraulic Hand Pallet Trucks(1)
Tiger 2000 Hydraulic Hand Pallet Trucks
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