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hydraulic material handling

Ferro Foundries Private Limited, Mysore is 40 year old company manufacturing well-engineered, Hydraulic Material Handling solutions for climbing, loading and unloading and movement of goods. 

TACKLERS has a channel partnership alliance with ‘Ferrotiger’ since 2014 and showcases some of the equipment at our office in Koregaon park Pune.

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  • Why do you need counterbalanced cranes for ?
    These cranes are compact and one of the main benefits is that they are flexible so they reach akward and busy work areas making them a convenient and portable solution. Unlike fixed cranes, mobile cranes can be moved manually or by electric drive to several These versatile and flexible cranes can get closer to the load even in the presence of obstacles or perimeter protection. They can be equipped with a wide selection of lifting accessories like hooks, accessories for handling drums, steel tubes, glass panels, etc. These pick and carry cranes are counter balanced and hence do not need outriggers for support or balance. Counter balanced cranes increase safety and ergonomics on the shop floor. The use of mini cranes for moving and lifting loads eliminates physical efforts and manual labour and therefore reduces injuries. The counter balanced mobile floor cranes are equipped with progressive speed control which allows better accuracy when positioning a load or a components that must be handled with care such as a mould or engine or die. Good design combined with good technology ensures low maintenance and minimum down time. These equipment are emission free.
  • What are the different types of counterbalanced lifting cranes?
    1. Counter balanced cranes with Manual Push/ Pull (traction). With capacity upto 1000kg, integrated ballast, manual or electric arm, 4 position or electric boom, 360 degree rotation, overhang upto 2000mm Manual counter balanced cranes represent the most cost effective solution to guarantee ergonomics and flexibility of lifting and handling operations. The portable mini cranes offer benefits like mobility, portability and compact design. The push button pendant operated models allow the operator to stand near the load and be able to control the lifting & lowering and the telescopic movement of the jib by pendant. The versatile manual floor cranes come with counter balanced design which eliminates the need for front legs allowing them access tight work spaces. The rotating ballast and adjustable telescopic boom are great features which makes these cranes an optimum choice for a modern factories material handling needs. 2. Counter balanced cranes with Electric traction. With capacity upto 2000kg, integrated ballast, electric lifting, lowering, extension, and retraction of the jib at proportional adjustable speed, overhang upto 3000mm. With electric or manual rotation of the jib or fixed mast options. State of the art technology combined with Italian design brings out the best in these Battery powered mobile cranes With single double and triple electric boom the reach available makes this Battery operated floor crane an excellent choice. Battery powered electric mobile crane is powerful and yet very compact. Counterbalanced electric, swivel cranes are work horses with low maintenance suitable for intensive and heavy usage. Electric drive with proportional speed and remote controlled operation makes this electric counterbalanced crane the best available floor crane. With these features you can achieve millimetre accuracy in lifting and positioning. Being a mobile lifting equipment, Flexlifting industrial floor cranes are flexible and portable and supercede overhead fixed cranes or any other industrial manipulator. Electric powered cranes make it easier to handle loads from 100 to2000kg Portable, electric counter balanced cranes increase safety in the work place, increase ergonomic and efficiency and productivity.
  • How counterbalanced cranes from Flexlifting can help you ?
    Some of the popular applications of counter balanced mobile cranes are : Mould change or positioning Glass panel installation Lifting and positioning engines or other parts onto test benches or in production lines For handling of aircraft and helicopter engines Seat removal and maintenance work in the auto industry For replacing batteries which are heavy and hard to reach In railway yards for train door or window replacement On construction sites where rooftop jobs the folding mast crane model is most suitable because it also has a feature where all the weights are removable and can be carried separately. So this mobile mini floor crane substitutes for a tower crane or other heavy equipment. For delivering, lifting and positioning components on a busy congested assembly line where there isn’t space to manoeuvre forklifts. For tool changing and positioning on CNC machines Changing dies in the Plastic injection moulding industry.
  • Why choose Flex Lifting Counter Balance Floor Cranes?
    ERGONOMIC LIFTING SOLUTIONS The use of mini cranes for moving and lifting loads eliminates physical efforts and manual operations in favor of reducing injuries caused by musculoskeletal trauma. VERSATILE AND FLEXIBLE LIFTING SYSTEMS Unlike fixed installations, industrial mobile cranes can be used flexibly in different areas within production plants. Thanks to the extendable lifting arm, our ergonomic lifting systems can approach the load even in the presence of obstacles or perimeter guards. TIME OPTIMIZATION AND PRODUCTIVITY INCREASE Thanks to their compactness and functionality that does not require the use of lateral stabilizers, Flex Lifting solutions are able to reach areas that are difficult to access with bulkier vehicles. They also represent a solution that favors the reduction of work times that would be required for the manual handling of equipment and loads of various kinds. FAST DELIVERY TIMES - OUR PRIORITY One of our main objectives is to be able to meet the demand of our customers as efficiently as possible, always ensuring a ready-to-ship stock of almost all of our mobile crane models . INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE Our wide geographical coverage, represented by the best distributors active in the lifting solutions market , allows us to respond as effectively as possible to the needs of our customers. WORKPLACE SAFETY The real reason behind the extensive use of mini cranes is their ability to operate safely in confined spaces and ensure precise positioning of the load. Furthermore, our cantilevered counterbalanced cranes can simultaneously handle multiple accessories such as lifting cups, sling bars, pliers, tippers, permanent magnets, etc.
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