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500 KG Counterbalanced swivel crane 360° electric lift

The counterbalanced lifting solution crane model 01B5SE_400 is part of a wide range of counterbalanced 360° swivel cranes with manual traction, , with a maximum capacity up to 500 kg and outreach up to 1312 mm. Hydraulic lever controlled or electric controlled. They represent the most cost-effective and flexible solution for lifting and transporting loads in several applications such as machining centers and machine tools, delivery to assembly lines, assembly operations, goods handling. Thanks to their compact dimensions they are easily maneuverable even at full load and can be moved effortlessly in confined spaces. All components are made in Italy to ensure the highest construction quality and the absence of defects. The hydraulic system is equipped with a lock valve that prevents the load from falling in case of accidental breakage of the pipes and a rough valve that prevents overloading of the crane. They are equipped with 2 high-capacity pivoting wheels with bumper mounts and parking brakes and with 2 fixed front wheels with bearings. The frame is made of painted steel and is equipped at the base with 2 useful forklift supports (to lift and transport the crane in complete safety on long distances. The sturdy push handle can be disassembled. There are also 2 handles to easily rotate the ballast. Swivel hook type.  Rotating Jib arm with 8 locking positions. 

01B5SE 500 kg mobile counterbalanced mini crane for tools installation
01B5SE_400 workshop cantilever swivel crane
manual workshop crane 01B5SE with push & pull handle (1)
industrial mobile small crane 01B5SE_400
mini gru 01B5SE attrezzatura di sollevamento
01B5SE_400 mini crane counterbalanced load chart
01B5SE 500 kg industrial small crane with swivel jib arm
01B5SE_400 ergonomic mobile lifter
mini crane 01B5SE capacity 500 kg with forklift supports
mini hydraulic crane with built in ballast system model 01B5SE
01B5SE mobile lifting mini crane with electric controlled jib arm
crane 01B5SE portable lifting equipment for tools positioning on machining centers
mobile lifting solution ergonomic lifter 01B5SE 500 kg capacity
manual workshop crane 01B5SE with push & pull handle
view of standard hook installed on mobile small crane 01B5SE
view of standard wheels installed on mobile small crane 01B5SE
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