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wire rope pulley blocks

Pulley blocks are nothing more that grooved wheels on a fixed axle onto which passes a continuous length of wire rope. A pulley block is a classic example of as a mechanical device that changes the direction or magnitude of a force by virtue of the principle of ‘mechanical advantage’.Pulley blocks are generally employed as a set of two or more sheaves, with rope or cable threaded between them through grooves. The entire assemblage – block, the ropes or cable and the load to be lifted – comprises the pulley system. As the number of pulleys increases, so does the mechanical advantage.

We offer wire rope pulley blocks of single, double, triple and four sheave which cater to load carrying capacity from 1ton to 100tons. Typically wire rope pulley blocks have drop forged swivel eyes on top and C.I casted pulleys or steel pulleys. The swivel eye provides dynamic rotation and allows positional adjustment for the hook. A swivel eye pulley can be mounted on a rod, bolt, shackle, etc. Additionally, the eye of a swivel eye pulley can slide over pipes,bolts, rods.

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