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Be Safe! Use Multi Lifting Here is why

Multi Lifting Points


Shouldered Eye Bolt

Eyebolts have been around for over 100 years and have been doing a good job when used at zero degree. If the load shifts or the direction of loading on the eyebolt is as much as 10 degrees off the zero line of force, the result is a bent eyebolt. When you bend the eyebolt, it is broken!

You can’t see the break most of the time. If you examine the bent area using x-ray, you will find the damage. This will lead to failure if the eyebolt is used any longer.

Multi Lifting Points are designed for lifting at any angle because they can swivel 360° and pivot 180°. Therefore, the rated load remains the same, regardless of the angle of force. As a result, you increase safety and peace of mind.

• Easy to install - needs only one tap hole. • Rotates through 360°, Pivots through 180°. • Designed safety factor 5:1. • 100% rated at 90° angle. • Proof load tested to 2.5 times W.L.L. and certified. • 20,000 cycle fatigue rated to 1.5 times W.L.L. • Drop forged Suspension Ring. • Multidirectional loading. • Self aligns in direction of load. • Avoids torsion forces to the suspension ring - more safety. • No friction transferred to the bolt as it turns - longer lifetime.

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