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500 KG Counterbalanced stainless steel swivel crane 360° manual lift/lower

The counterbalanced stainless steel crane 01M5AISI represents the most cost-effective and flexible solution for lifting and transporting loads up to 500 kg whereas a high resistance to corrosion is requested. The cleanability of stainless steel makes it the first choice in hospitals, kitchens, food and pharmaceutical processing facilities.Thanks to its compact dimensions the crane 01M5AISI offers a great maneuverability even at full load and can be moved effortlessly in confined spaces. All components are made in Italy to ensure the highest construction quality and the absence of defects. The crane 01M5AISI is equipped with al ever controlled fast and lightweight lift double action pump.

The control descent knob make it possible to adjust the descent speed. The arm is extendable in 4 positions and an optional arm extension is available to get a maximum outreach of 1270mm. The hydraulic system is equipped with a lock valve that prevents the load from falling in case of accidental breakage of the pipes and a rough valve that prevents overloading of the crane. Frame and components in AISI304, pump and tank in AISI316 and painted steel slewing ring with protective cap in aisi304. The stainless steel lifting equipment 01M5AISI being a crane with manual lifting does not require a third-party certification according to current legislation or obligation of periodic checks.

compact counterbalanced crane in stainless steel for loads up to 500 kg
01M5AISI stainless steel mobile mini lifter capacity 500 kg
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