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Fitout Master is an ideal access solution for interior decorating and maintenance work. This tower is easy to transport, store, and erect. It can fit in through standard doorways & corridors. It fits in small spaces making it the ideal work at height equipment especially for indoor use for cleaning glass facades, chandeliers, lights, attics, etc. It is a lightweight & mobile access tower with a 220kg UDL capacity per platform.  There are 1meter guardrails at the top of the tower for operator safety. The Fit Out Master has fewer components hence it is quicker and simpler to build. It is modular and has positive snap locks which are versatile and no tools are required for the erection of the tower. The rungs are 260mm apart so it not only makes climbing easy but allows a platform to be placed at the interval of 260mm.

The FIT-OUT MASTER aluminum system has been tested and certified to EN 1004.

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