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Custom-made Counterbalanced Floor Cranes For Your Lifting Needs

State of the art technology of the counterbalanced cranes allows precise positioning.

Counter balanced floor cranes are compact, flexible & easy to use. They bring higher efficiency and productivity to the modern factory. They have an intuitive design hence they are user friendly. These counter balanced cranes do not require any installation which means that the load can be picked and carried without using outriggers. Just turn on the key to get the cranes working. The cranes come fully assembled and are ready to use. The counter balanced mobile floor cranes are equipped with progressive speed control which allows better accuracy when positioning a load or a components that must be handled with care such as a mould or engines or die. Our counterbalanced cranes with manual and electric traction. A complete range of Made in Italy Mobile Cranes for every industrial sector. Construction quality certified and compliant with safety regulations. Custom-made cranes for specific applications. With Flex Lifting’s wide range of mini cranes, the application possibilities are endless. From lifting motors and positioning molds to handling heavy loads, our lifting solutions can help you get the job done efficiently and ergonomically in total safety. Our counterbalanced workshop cranes are ideal for lifting and positioning loads in front of loading ramps and machines. Industrial version for frequent use in the workshop, production and many other lifting and transport processes. Portable mini cranes impress with their compact dimensions and low weight with good performance values. Flex Lifting offers ergonomic handling solutions for lifting loads up to 2 tons. Our manual cranes and electric pick & carry cranes can be customized according to your specifications to facilitate lifting and limit the risk of musculoskeletal disorders for the operator. Flex Lifting cranes are distributed in many countries thanks to a widespread distribution network that guarantees our customers excellent local support.


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Orbit 200ER
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