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Telescopic Tower Ladder finds use in factories or premises with a large estate for electrical maintenance work at a height between 17ft to 50ft. This ladder is also finds application in malls, theaters, large housing societies, hospitals and hotels. The telescopic tower ladder has 2 variants the tower model and the tilting tower model. By default we advocate the tilting tower model as is becomes easier to move the tower in closed condition.

telescopic tower

Bracings for Sturdiness
Climbing with success
Truck Mounted Tower Ladder
Truck mounted Ladder in collapsed condition
Tested Quality Wire Rope & Good Workmanship
Telescopic Tower Ladder in extended condition
Telescopic Tower Ladder in closed condition
Telescopic Tilting Tower Ladder in Extended Condition
Telescopic Tilting Tower Ladder in closed condition
Superior finish
Locking with Monkey Locks
Lockable Wheels
Extension winch
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