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The electric counterbalanced crane FLEX F1000SB is a power driven counterbalanced crane with fix mast and a maximum lifting capacity of 1.000 kg. It is equipped with an electric controlled jib arm with 1.000 mm stroke that make it possible to get 1653 mm overhang. Thanks to a mechanical extension that is standard delivered with the crane, it is possible to extend the arm up to 2155 mm.

It is equipped with a pivoting drive wheel that offers an exceptional steering angle and two fixed front elastic wheels. The lifting, descent, extend and retract are electric powered and their speed can be adjusted by the operator.

The integrated ballast design make it possible to lift a load without installing lateral outriggers. Therefore it is a universal mobile crane for unlimited applications and immediately ready for use. Our lifting equipment Flex F1000SB is ideal for placements of molds and various loads over obstruction/barrier,on 3D machines, lathes,narrow openings, assembly lines and over perimeter protections.

An optional on/off front light is now available for Flex F1000SBL, Flex F1000SBR The ideal accessory to ensure greater safety and visibility in low light environments.

Flex F1000SB pic 1
Flex F1000SB pic 2 (1)
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