Round slings are made of a hank of high denier polyester yarn wound in a continuous endless circle, enclosed in a seamless high abrasion resistant  polyester cover. We make single cover Standard Round Slings and double covers DUPLO Round Slings. Polyester slings are often selected when expensive, highly polished, fragile or delicate loads must be lifted. The softness of the web will not mar, deface or scratch loads, while its flexibility assures a firm, secure grip around the item being lifted. The light weight of the material, combined with superb flexibility allows the slings to be quickly and safely handled by riggers. We manufacture Zebra brand round slings from 0.5ton to 100tons in varying custom size lengths.

Round Sling
60 Tons Round Sling in Application
Round Sling
Round Sling
Round Sling
Round Sling
Crane lifting on construction site
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