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dyneema SLINGS


Superlift Heavy Duty Round Slings do not get fatigued even after prolonged use of 75,000 lifts as compared to 20,000 lifts for steel/polyester wire rope sling. Made from Dyneema fiber, the world’s strongest fiber; 8-10 times stronger than steel. The slings are extremely  Light weight with Superior Strength as it is made from UHMP (Ultra High Modulus Polythene) with Cut resistant properties therefore it is the first choice for heavy lifting and offshore application.

The TRIPLE A  Plus advanced sling protection sleeves provide enhanced resistance to the negative effects of Chafing & Cutting, occurring in lifting applications. It is the no 1 solution when health and safety cannot be compromised. Its benefits include excellent resistance to sharp edges, outstanding abrasion resistance under extreme pressure, exceptional flexibility as expected from a textile product and significant improvement in the safety of lifting apparatus.

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