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grommet slings


Grommet Slings are continuous or ‘endless’ loops of wire rope (they can also be made of polyester or other rope, but we will be dealing with wire rope grommets here). A cable-laid grommet is a sling in the form of a continuous/endless loop. Similar to the cable-laid rope, a grommet consists of 6 strands twisted around a core wire. Unlike a cable-laid rope,a grommet is produced from one single length of steel wire rope. That means that the ends of the wire rope are tucked into the grommet through a splicing process in order to form the core. Grommet Slings have many advantages over other slinging methods, chief among them being greater flexibility, ease of slinging, and greater WLL.


Endless Grommet Sling
240 Tons Grommet Sling
240 Tons Grommet Sling
240 Tons Grommet Sling
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