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FRP Wall Extension Ladder - the perfect solution for reaching those hard-to-reach heights. Designed with 7 layers of fiberglass and in high-performance box-section alloy stiles that offer strength and rigidity. Easy-to-use push-up operation, makes FRP ladder extended quickly and safely. to the desired height.

Slip-resistance D-shaped rungs makes the fiberglass extension ladder most safest and most comfortable while climbing up and down the ladder. Youngman Intensively tested zinc-plated rung clips ensure that sections are secured together for safe use and easy transport. unique wrap-around top clips with smooth glide runners reduce wear and tear, making this ladder more durable and long-lasting. Slip-resistant feet provide added stability, ensuring that your ladder stays securely in place while you work.

With a 150kg load capacity, this ladder is suitable for both commercial and domestic use. It meets the latest EN131 Standard, ensuring that it meets the highest safety standards.


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