To enable lifting, moving, positioning, pulling and securing of heavy equipment, machines and loads requires rigging and lifting equipment. A rigger is a person that uses hoists n pulleys along with various lifting tackles to moves loads like raw material, in-process goods and finished goods or of varying size, weight and shape, in different fields ranging from Mining, Oil n Gas, Engineering, Steel Manufacturing, Construction, Ship building, Power, Telecommunication and many more.In this section called ‘Rigging & Lifting’ we discuss various rigging items namely Wire Rope Pulley Blocks, Turnbuckles, Thimbles, Swivel Hoist Ring, Sockets, Snatch Blocks, Lifting Clamps, Lashing Chain, Eye Bolts, D & Bow Shackles and Bull Dog Grips.


Wide Body Shackle
UMI Rope Stocking at Kalamboli Yard
D Link with Plate
Ratchet Type Load Binder
Ratchet Type Load Binder
Lashing Chain with Turnbuckle
Testing Rig Suspended by Bow Shackle
Testing Rig
Testing Rig
Testing Rig
Testing Rig
Weld On D Link
120 Tons Wide Body Shackle
Special Purpose Turnbuckles
Stocking of Wide Body Shackles
120 Tons Shackle
Stocking of Wide Body Shackles
Closed Spelter Socketed Wire Rope
CROSBY Wide Body Shackle
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